cherry mx plate mount stabilizers

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05 Feb 2016, 22:43

I was trying to figure out how do I correctly mount cherry MX stabilizers (I got some fresh ones from WASD today) on a plate.. and did not find anything on the wiki or so.. maybe does somebody of you have a photo close-up that can show it to me?

Thanks in advance,

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05 Feb 2016, 22:53

for instance to me it seems kind of wrong like this:
photo109275380194585561.jpg (138.19 KiB) Viewed 1077 times
uhm... wrong and also led incompatible btw..



05 Feb 2016, 23:41

Those are not "cherry mx plate mount" stabs as your title suggests, but Costar-style stabs (for Cherry MX switches, admittedly). There is a video on how to install them properly here: workshop-f7/the-long-journey-of-the-whi ... ml#p273492

As you can see, if you orient them correctly, they can be LED-friendly too.

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06 Feb 2016, 00:00

ok I see I was looking for the wrong ones then! costar stabs!! thanks!
but I tried the other way around, opposite to the led place and it seems to me quite incompatible too with my cherry mx browns... uhm...
anyway the white keycap inserts are really flying out too easily..

on the other hand I'd link that great video from matt3o in the wiki for others..

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