need help - how to insert images as sidebar etc?

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knock knock

04 Jan 2017, 15:28

Hey guys, first wiki post: wiki/Holtite

Somehow i cant seem to find a method to insert the right "short info" panel, as thats where i want to insert images.

Furthermore i think i made some minor mistakes, but dont know which ;)

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Daniel Beardsmore

04 Jan 2017, 22:45

In general, the simplest solution is to find a page that already has what you want, click Edit, copy and paste the code onto your new page, and amend as required. The Preview tab will let you check whether it's looking good. This is so much easier than trying to remember what you were supposed to have typed in!

The top-right box is called an "infobox". There are separate infobox types for keyboards (infobox dkeyboard), mice (infobox dmouse), switches (infobox dswitch), group buys (infobox dgroupbuy) and keycap families (infobox dkeycapfamily) — you can simply recycle the code off an existing page in these cases.

There isn't one for switch sockets. An infobox type has pre-set fields that are specific to the type of object, e.g. inventor and patent for switches, layout and keycap type for keyboards etc.: what type of infobox would you use for a switch socket? What fields would this template have? You could use the master infobox template directly if you really wanted to, bypassing the intermediate helper templates, but it's preferable to try to standardise. It's an awkward one; generally pages on random items such as switch sockets don't have an infobox.

There is a help page for uploading images: [wiki]Help:Uploading_images[/wiki].


05 Jan 2017, 02:29

To look up the help text for an infobox of name name, type "Template:infobox name" in the search field and hit Return.
Those are also categorized so that you can see which other infoboxes there are.

BTW. Please always preview before posting, so that you won't create an unnecessary entry in the history. (I know. I have goofed on this many times... sorry. )

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