Mitsumi KPQ/KPR

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Daniel Beardsmore

29 Oct 2017, 02:37

[wiki]Mitsumi KPQ-E99ZC[/wiki] has two model numbers: KPQ-E99ZC (moulded into the case) and KPQ-EA4ZA (documented model, given on the label on thee bottom). You can see this here: ... 1904700906

The model number label is missing from my keyboard.

Does anyone have such a keyboard with the model label intact? It would be good to get that documented, after which the page can be renamed to Mitsumi KPQ-EA4ZA. Unfortunately the datasheet for this model is one of the ones that seems to be lost.

Incidentally, it would appear that KPQ Type is the switch technology, while KPR Type is the linear version. I'll upload the datasheets for these tomorrow. KPR is documented as "linear" but the force curve clearly depicts it as progressive rate.

Nothing for KLT though — that seems to be too old.

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