ML oops!

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Daniel Beardsmore

04 Nov 2017, 15:53

The force curve on the wiki for Cherry ML is wrong. Cherry ML has 3 mm travel, but the graph shows 4 mm travel! I was looking at the Datalux Space Saver Keyboards specs, and comparing them with that of Cherry ML, and noticed that the force graph was clearly wrong.

I got that graph from the 2010 Cherry switch catalogue, and indeed the graph in the catalogue is wrong. The recent spec sheet from Cherry for ML show a very idealised graph, but one that is the same general shape as what HaaTa measured.

Cherry re-used the MX Brown graph by mistake in their catalogue, and I never noticed :S

Also, the Keymodule intro page in that catalogue shows MY modules (as does another photo on an earlier page) even though MY is not covered in the catalogue!

I guess we have ZF to blame for that cock-up!

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