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10 Mar 2019, 03:29

Sorry if this is in the wrong spot for this, but, I have a keyboard from the 80's that is not listed on your wiki. I did take some pictures a long time ago. You do list it's manufacturer NMB. However you do not list this model RT6255TUK that uses an RT101+228A controller.
From a date stamp on it, its made in 1978.

I am not sure how to add the pictures to the wiki or edit it.


13 Mar 2019, 10:12

To create an article in the Wiki, search for the name you want the article to have. I think "NMB RT6255T" would be the best in this case. (I suspect that UK at the end is for British keyboard layout, and we don't write a separate page for each layout, so we omit such suffixes)

Then when you don't see an article with that name, you will be given an option to Create the page "NMB RT6255T" on this wiki!
Click the name and you will enter into the source editor, where you could write the article with Mediawiki markup. (instead of BB-code that you would use in the forum).
I often copy the source from another similar article, so that I get a template to work with. (Find another article and click "Edit source")
Once you have saved it, you can click "Edit" to edit the page in the Visual Editor instead.

There are two ways to upload an image:
1. In the Visual Editor. In the toolbar, click "Insert" and then "Media".
2. Find "Upload file" in the sidebar to the left. Open that page in another tab. Once your image is uploaded, the file will have a name displayed at the top of the page: "File:name.jpg". Add that to an article in the source editor within double brackets "[[File:name.jpg]]" (similar to article links).

An article about a keyboard should:
• Have an "infobox" with general facts. A field could be left blank, and then it will just not be displayed in the article. Use the search box to find "Template:infobox dkeyboard" to see all possible fields.
• Follow some conventions, such as having the name (and alternative names) in bold at the top, with a general description, followed by more in-depth description, followed by links and references. It is not difficult: It is easy to follow how other existing articles are written.
• Be in categories. These are listed on the bottom of the page. For instance, a vintage NMB keyboard with mechanical NMB switches should be in categories "List of all keyboards", "NMB keyboards", "Vintage keyboards" and "Keyboards with NMB switches".

In the case of NMB, there is also an article named "NMB Keyboards" which lists different models. You could add your keyboard to that list, with a link to the article.

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