Kailh PG1593 series


10 Mar 2020, 22:19

I have expanded on this page and added pictures. I would be delighted if anybody wishes to review.

Would the article be more accessible if the page were titled "Kailh KO" as that seems to be the informal name given?


10 Mar 2020, 23:41

Other Kailh switches with names have redirects from those names, so I added a "Kailh KO" redirect. Then when someone searches for "Kailh KO" they will get to the right page directly.

Because not all Kailh switches in the wiki have names, only numbers, I think it be best to keep using product numbers...
But we could have like a category called "Kailh switches by name" (or something like that) that would group those redirects. There isn't any way to have an article under two names directly.

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