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07 Mar 2021, 21:46

I recently picked up one of the Portuguese versions of the DEC PCXAL board for very little dollars (I'm collecting various language keyboards for shiggles, don't look at me like that :lol:). Anyway, I figured it was going to be absolute trash but this thing is surprisingly well made. I popped it open to see what was going on and I found that this was actually produced by Honeywell, presumably before they sold their keyboard division to Key Tronic. Heading to the wiki to see if there was more information I was surprised to see there's basically nothing about Honeywell-produced keyboards. Doing some digging it looks like this is a Digital rebranded version of the Honeywell 101WN, which was also rebranded for Dell under the same model number.

Which leads to the question of what else did Honeywell make? I mean outside of the now-well known switches and the Micro Switch branded boards. Honeywell had numerous production facilities and at least two fairly sizable customers in Dell and Digital but there's essentially nothing about Honeywell produced keyboards in the wiki. I'm looking to correct that.

If you have any info about other manufacturers that may have partnered with Honeywell, post it here. I'll do the work necessary to verify the info and write everything up. I've already found some good info on the RX series and am going through FCC ID's to see if anything interesting pops up.

John Doe

08 Mar 2021, 05:06

Sadly see no photos😓


10 Mar 2021, 19:00

I'll have some pics of this one up later tonight. Just what little digging I've been able to do has been interesting. It doesn't seem like Honeywell was making much under their own name at that point, although I have seen a Honeywell branded RX from the same timeframe as my PCXAL.

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