Apple m0110A E?


24 Mar 2021, 00:51

Ok, so, I found this keyboard in my basement, it apparently came with a machintosh 512K that my dad bought when he lived in Venezuela back in 1987.It has the code M0110A E (I guess E stands for Español). The keycaps have a pattern diferent from the one in the switches. I searched up and I can't figure out what switches are these. Can someone tell me what are these? (sorry for my English btw, it's not my first language)


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24 Mar 2021, 01:28

That is indeed an Apple M0110A keyboard, with keycaps for (Apple's old version of the) Spanish layout. The switches are typical Alps SKCC cream, standard issue in M0110, M0120 and M0110A keyboards (the latter group until Mitsumi started making 'em).

M0110A keyboards with this particular national layout are relatively rare, so this is quite a find. ¡Enhorabuena!

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