A look back: The Bloomberg Keyboard

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19 Aug 2019, 12:49

Bloomberg has a well illustrated wee article about their keyboard history:


https://www.bloomberg.com/professional/ ... g-keyboard

This part at the end is telling, not just of them but in trends across the industry:
Today’s current model reflects a more standard key mechanism and typist-feel to address evolving customer preferences who are accustomed to their home PCs and laptops.
Users want what they’re used to, in their laptops, wherever it goes. Chiclet membranes everywhere! But yes, all too credible.

Edit: now I see the date (2017) I realise this may have been linked before. I just saw it today.


19 Aug 2019, 17:46

Chiclets (turtles) all the way down to the early eighties? A bit depressing despite the good looking keyboards.

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19 Aug 2019, 18:59

I was used to cheap membrane keyboards, but that's not what I wanted. Discovering high-quality mech boards was a godsend for me. The Cappening thread was a revelation, and after reading it back in 2015 there was no going back to "what I was used to". Ever.

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