Mechanicon 2020 - April 25, Frankfurt, Germany - Save the date -


14 Feb 2020, 08:29

Europe's biggest keyboard event is back after a 1 year break. Everyone is invited.
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Chasing the Dream

14 Feb 2020, 10:14

This time I try to join, there is also a smaller one next week in Berlin.

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Organizer Mechanicon

21 Feb 2020, 18:35

Ah, sweet - I wanted to post it here but you were first! :D

Let me know if there are any questions around the event, I am here to help!

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Organizer Mechanicon

21 Feb 2020, 18:37

Today we hit 100 attendees!!

If you want to join us, please do me a favor and RSVP for the event on ... 268513661/

This is important for two reasons:
- In case something happens on short notice, we can reach all of you
- We know how many people want to attend and can plan accordingly!

Thanks! :)

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Organizer Mechanicon

17 Mar 2020, 20:58

Sad news everyone,

This year's Mechanicon - planned for April 25th - will be cancelled.

We waited until we felt like we can do a well informed decision and this is now the case.In fact, the local authorities prohibit events like ours right now and we fully support this.

We love the Mechanicon, but it is not worth putting anyone at risk. ❤️

The event will be postponed. We still have to figure out a date, but we will let you know. If you haven't, please sign up to our meetup group to stay up to date.

For now: Take care and stay safe!Let's look forward to having a great event once things get back to normal.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

the Mechanicon Orga Team

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