RF-600 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

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Wild Duck

01 May 2011, 02:08


From press release:
Wireless Computing introduces wireless keyboard for power typists
RF-600 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard offers premium typing feel, 100-foot range and
AES encryption

Looking for a wireless keyboard with 100-foot range, AES encryption and the smoothest, most consistent
typing performance? Wireless Computing’s new RF-600 Mechanical Wireless Keyboard may be your
next favorite keyboard.

What sets the RF-600 apart is its “old-school” premium typing feel. This is no accident: Under each of
the 104 keys is a mechanical keyswitch from Cherry Corporation, the leading builder of precision
miniature switches since 1953. Compared to keyboards using less costly technologies, the RF-600 offers
a superior typing experience and greater reliability.

Besides great typing, the RF-600 features Wireless Computing’s hallmark AES encryption. Adopted by
the United States government in 1999, the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a powerful
cryptographic algorithm widely depended on to secure all kinds of electronic data. Wireless Computing’s
implementation of AES in the RF-600 (and their other keyboards) ensures keystrokes you type cannot be
intercepted and read illicitly. That’s helpful in casual environments such as homes or non-secure
commercial settings. It’s absolutely critical in government, military, and financial settings—anywhere
security is of paramount importance.

Because demanding users operate their wireless keyboards in demanding environments, the RF-600 will
work reliably at least 100' from your computer—ideal for presentations in auditoriums, lecture halls and
boardrooms, as well as use in home theaters. To minimize interference and crosstalk, this exceptional
keyboard uses two-way communication, sets itself to one of 65,000 possible digital addresses and stores
all settings in EEPROM, where they will stay indefinitely even if batteries are removed.
Priced at $299 (SRP), or $399 (SRP) bundled together with an RF-170 Wireless Laser Mouse, Wireless
Computing’s new RF-600 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard is not inexpensive. But you get what you pay
for, and demanding users will recognize the advantages of great typing, secure AES encryption, and long
wireless range. It's a great keyboard for those who must move fast in our security-conscious world.
http://www.wireless-computing.com/produ ... -keyboard/

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01 May 2011, 02:15

looks liek the test model pheadrsu got from xarmor..

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Wild Duck

01 May 2011, 02:20

Xarmor U9BL.


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01 May 2011, 02:53

For just a moment I thought tou were refering to Realforce then I just found the pics :roll:

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01 May 2011, 03:06

way tooooo expensiveee.


01 May 2011, 09:06

I've heard of EEPROM.

Didn't that technology replace DIP switches?

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Wild Duck

01 May 2011, 14:55

It's the only wireless mechanical keyboard currently available?

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Buckler Of Springs

01 May 2011, 15:50

$300 will buy you a Topre, and a very long USB extension cable...

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Wild Duck

01 May 2011, 15:55

daedalus wrote:and a very long USB extension cable...
Cables are evil.



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01 May 2011, 16:34

I like that it uses AES encryption. I know the Apple Wireless keyboard uses 128 bit encryption, though what type I don't know. I'm assuming it's AES as well. In my opinion everything should be encrypted in 256 bit AES.


01 May 2011, 18:55

Did they design it to look like a AT&T 1980's Answering Machine on purpose?

Lulz - AT&T (Bell South) still ships this.

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03 May 2011, 00:33

The only thing that bothers me about it is that the non-AES, short range model is one third the price:
http://ergogeek.com/xarmor-u9w-2.4-ghz- ... board.html


03 May 2011, 01:23

Built with the backup and SUPPORT of Xarmor.


But the REAL FUN is when they argue with their customers on online forums and call them cheaters.

http://geekhack.org/showthread.php?1748 ... oose/page3
- 1) you broke the spacebar (you have no knowledge on removing the spacebar and you blame us for poor quality)
- 2) you broke the shifts key with stabilizer bar, again you don't remove these keys unless you know what you are doing
- 3) you use excessive force to remove all the keycaps ( almost all the keycaps) on the keyboard and you damage all the stem.
- 4) we only have your board for 1 week you claimed 2 weeks.
- 5) We can post images on your board and let the forum user see what you did to the board.

here you are claiming you ONLY swap out the WASD key and we charge you $30 to fix one key?
i think you are the joker here...

Thank you
Is this how they do Customer Support in the EU?

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