Dome and Slider Keyboards

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26 Dec 2020, 03:37

Not really a review perse but I had a comment on my video about the Unicomp New M about their rubber dome Ms and my opinion on those which led to dome and slider boards. I promised the commenter a video. I do like the NMB and BTC boards and think they're a good "alpha test" for the Topre feel if you're thinking about going in that direction. I'm more partial to my Compaq RT101 (love that vintage logo) but the later NMB bords weren't as nicely made IMO. Also a bit of a public service announcement about eBay sellers trying to pass off BTC and NMB dome and sliders as vintage mechanical boards. Most of mine I've found in trash bins over the years but there was a time a year or two ago when you'd see these listed (the Dell Quiet Key seemed to be the biggest offender) on eBay as mechanical for way way more than they were worth.

I made a correction after I uploaded because I misspoke and called these capacitive when they conductive. Thanks!

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