IBM 3277 66-key split spacebar PCB mini-GB


08 Aug 2017, 09:21

So thanks to @emdude 's tremendous efforts in designing a xwhatsit controller compatible PCB, the IBM 3277 keyboards can now be used with your home PC! You can check out his work here: workshop-f7/xwhatsit-cs-compatible-ibm- ... 67-60.html

Here is the photo of the 78-key version he made:

With his support, I have ordered 5 PCBs and will do a limited GB run with 4 available spots for the 66-key split spacebar version's PCB. You still need to order a separate xwhatsit controller to make it work. Also, I decided to add some options to the PCB including a yellow solder mask (paying homage to the beige/translucent original version) and choosing hard gold fingers with chamfered edges for the connector for more durability.

Caveat: since this is designed by emdude, I need to reiterate his caveat for this version quoted here --
the split 66-key design may not work. I don't believe there is any issue with the design, but there's always that chance I suppose
It's untested but should work just like the 78- and 66-key versions

Prices are determined by location --
Asia: $33
US/Canada: $44
EU: $49

Prices include the additional upgrade options and larger PCB size package shipping from Hong Kong. If you order more than one board, it would be a lot less expensive due to savings in shipping. Please PM for a quote for multiple PCBs. I've already placed the order and will invoice once the PCBs are received in 10-14 days.
Below are the list of spots taken --

Spot 1: orihalcon - shipped
Spot 2: MrDuul - PM'd
Spot 3: clickityClackity - invoiced
Spot 4: Parak - shipped
Spot 5: ipreferpie - complete

Thanks very much and please PM me for the GB. It's FCFS and I'll update accordingly :)
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08 Aug 2017, 09:43



09 Aug 2017, 09:55

just a quick update -- all spots are filled but happy to take backup spots still. The order has been placed and once the PCBs are in, I'll take photos and try it out on my 3277


14 Aug 2017, 10:34

Big update! The PCBs are in and the look beautiful :) Due to choosing the ENIG and gold chamfered finger options, the PCB looks beautiful in yellow! Without further ado, here are the photos:

I've fit-tested it on my split 66 and it fits perfectly. I don't have the xwhatsit controller yet so I can't test the software. And again, a HUGE thanks to @emdude who made this happen.

I'll be invoicing today. I'll be PMing those that didn't give me their EMAIL AND SHIPPING COUNTRY so that I can invoice properly. They are all ready to ship :)

Lastly, I have one extra PCB if anyone else would like to buy one. Please PM me you PayPal email and shipping address so I can invoice.

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