[IC]Signature Plastics 6.5u Alps spacebar (AEK color match and others)


31 Jan 2018, 00:42

I have been trying to hunt down a 6.5u alps spacebar to replace the broken one in my AEKII keyset, and without having much luck, turned to Signature Plastics to see what they could do.

They have the ability to produce spacebars in 6.5u, alps stem, DCS profile, MX stabilizer mounts, and made of ABS. I asked about PBT, and they can't do it.

I would assume the most popular choice for a color would be an un-yellowed AEK color match to replace gross yellow bars, but I was thinking about how neat it would be to have something like navy blue, deep red, or possibly purple or retro brown.
I would for sure run a color match, and if there's overwhelming support for another color, that too, maybe 2 different colors.

The MOQ is $100, which would buy about 25 spacebars in one color, so figure $4 each, plus shipping and all that jazz.
The quoted lead time would be around 8 weeks from order date to arrival, plus a week or so (probably 2) to package and ship them. (I am in the USA)

Depending on how much interest there is, if the projected cost is under $300 (25 spacebars in 3 colors?), I'll shell out my own money to pre-buy everything, and then send out invoices once the bars arrive. I have never run a group buy before, and I'm fairly new to the community, so I figure that would be a good way to gain some trust and merit.

Anybody have any questions or think they might want to get in on this?
I have another thread over at Geekhack. I might put together a google form to unify everything...



31 Jan 2018, 04:01

Are you sure meeting MOQ $100 on spacebar using a GB is easier than talking to the junkyard guys e.g. on the Internet about the half-broken AEKII. Especially when you are on the US side, odd is more on your side for finding a AEK in some reusable or recyclable condition.


31 Jan 2018, 14:03

I think the real hurdle is finding an un-yellowed bar in good condition for a reasonable price.

I've already gotten interest for about 20 color-matched bars on Geekhack in just 1 day, so I'm thinking I might just buy 50 or so and sell 'em, no GB neccesary.

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