[IC] GMK Ashes (GB starts Feb. 15th)


17 Dec 2019, 17:25

Hello Deskthority!

This is my first Interest Check for a keyset, GMK Ashes, A volcanic ash set with soft colors.


GROUP BUY STARTS Feb. 15th till March 16th 2020

Design & Inspiration
This idea originally began as a dark keyset, I was working with a lot of dark gray and red pantone colors, after rethinking what I was trying to achieve I decided to look at other keysets to get ideas, I decided to try to invert the colors similar to GMK Honeywell to test out that idea and really liked the look of it. I threw out the red because it just didn't fit in well with the set but kept the gray colors. Then I started messing with more with different shades of gray and came to love the final result of colors!

I present to you GMK Ashes:
Image OSA by BlindAssassin111 Kit Design
I plan on having support for standard TKLs to 65%, WKL bottom rows, HHKB, a numpad, UK-ISO and more! I am also working on getting some renders that will use Left Centered Legends for Mods! I really would love to give the legends a shot seeing as they are going to be on 9009 R3! I Originally had Pantones that I was going to use to color match but ended up switching to RAL colors that were very similar to the Pantones.
Image Ghost Kit (NOT FINAL)
Mod Colored Alphas, with support alice type boards built in, along with ISO keys for ISO users.
Extension Kit (NOT FINAL)
I am working on making a kit that will cover novelties, spacebars, a second B and support for some 40s boards.
Image Deskmats?
I'm working on making a couple of deskmats for the keyset! One simple design and one that is more busy and pays homage to a special game that I love. ;)
Image Image Artwork for GMK Ashes by @hiki_draws on instagram Image Image Group Buy / Vendors Group Buy Starts Feb. 15th 2020 - March 16th 2020 US:ProjectKeyboard EU: MyKeyboard.eu Oceania: DailyClack Asia: DailyClack
Many thanks to the following for your help and support during the design of this set:

BlindAssassin111 for feedback and support on the set guiding me on how to make an IC!
OneFiveNine for giving me ideas on what to theme the set after, running the set and helping me out with the set!
The Texas Mechanical Keyboard Discord for all the feedback and support everyone has given me in there!
MetallicCharles for helping me out with these amazing renders of the set! (More renders on the way by him and other renders in the community!)
UndercoverBrother for the sick render of the Kepler FC65!
HamKenobi, DixieMech, Kristmascane, Koriko, Erin and Gus along with others from the Houston Discord for being there for me for these past two years!

N E Renders Avail?

Image Satisfaction75 designed by CannonKeys Image Image OSA by BlindAssassin111 Image Full Album with more renders!

Next Steps
Add more renders
Get feedback from the community
Deskmat designs have been completed, 1 of 2 deskpad designs have been released
Adjust kits

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18 Dec 2019, 18:43

A lovely set, I wish it the best. Sadly I cannot participate this time, I've participated in two sets already this year.


22 Dec 2019, 22:08

I could imagine myself using this, but it would need some 'lava' accents. On Enter and Escape at the very least.


03 Jan 2020, 18:33

HungerMechanic wrote:
22 Dec 2019, 22:08
I could imagine myself using this, but it would need some 'lava' accents. On Enter and Escape at the very least.
To keep the achromatic look to the set I unfortunately will not be adding any red lava novelties to the set, I do plan on trying to contact some artisan makers to look into possibly making some exploding volcano resin caps so that could be a possibility for you! :)

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03 Jan 2020, 19:42

Very nice colour scheme! Unfortunately not at all a fan of what Dixie's done to the good old icon mods. Might still pick up a ghost-set and pair it with some other mods.


22 Jan 2020, 16:09

Really liking this! Very neutral and fits loads of colour cases so I am in. Can I assume that they are not listed yet on the vendors you have partnered with as it is not at mykeyboard.eu


23 Jan 2020, 11:14

Dark mods would be nice also.


18 Feb 2020, 13:00

is this still happening?

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19 Feb 2020, 16:06

vrapan wrote:
18 Feb 2020, 13:00
is this still happening?
I checked two sites that were supposed to be hosting this GB and no sign of it.

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19 Feb 2020, 16:10

I think it was pushed back to March 1 or something

edit: it's march second. Source: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=102338.0
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19 Feb 2020, 16:40

yeah saw it on reddit this morning and he has updated geekhack but not deskthority

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