[IC] Handmade Keyboard Bags by G.C.W.

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29 Feb 2020, 18:58

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Hey guys, I’m into keyboards for 9 years now, but never started a Group Buy or Interest Check before - only participated.

I’m with my wife for 10 years now and our “hobbies” never collided - until now =)
She’s a professional fashion designer and I asked her to make me a bag for my keyboard. So she did and I was so amazed about the result that I posted her work on reddit:

https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyb ... oard_bags/


https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyb ... t_is_done/

Seems like there is interest by some of you guys and now we want to make some bags for you too. My wife has a little spare time now since our kids started going to the kindergarten. So we are both excited about this.

First we want to find out how big the interest really is and what you guys prefer. Based on that we buy all the needed materials and start working/producing. Of course we can not fulfill every wish in every detail and we have to set limits in that regard, but you guys should have a specific palette to choose from regarding materials, sizes and colors.

In the end we want you to have our bags (well, basically they are her design and making, but hey, what would it be without my passion for keyboards? :D)

Pricewise they would start at about 50€ (~ $55) for a 40% keyboard. Shipping would come on top and would depend on the package weight, destination country and shipping method. Shipping will be from Germany.

Outside: Smooth Imitation Leather AND/OR Waxed Cotton Canvas AND/OR Cork
Inside: Printed Cotton Canvas
Zipper: YKK
The loop is double/triple stitched for sturdiness.

Please feel free to post here your thoughts and interests like: “This ugly crap I’d never buy from a random stranger from the internet.” or “Custom handmade keyboard bags - nice! I’ll take 2x 40%, 3x 60% and 1x TKL please.” (Mildly exaggerated)

Oh and G.C.W. are the initals of my wife's name =)

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