[IC] Wood Filco TKL / Phantom case


16 Jun 2014, 09:00

I am running an interest check to get a rough idea whether or not anyone would be interested in a wood case for a Filco TKL or a Phantom.
The case will consist of 4 layers in the following order:
- a top wood layer -
- a stainless steel grade 304 frame -
- a bottom wood layer -
- a wood angled base -

Tentative choice of wood is Indian Rosewood but I am also trying to source some more Ebony wood.
An optional plate would be required should the plate be used as a Phantom plate. Plate will be cut from a 1.5mm stainless steel sheet and they will cost around $30-40.
This plate, however, is not required if the case is to be used as a Filco case.

Plate design was referenced from the Phantom files collated by MOZ. Thank you, Moz.
And my sincerest thanks to bpiphany, jdcarpe, WhiteFireDragon for permitting me to use their plate designs

Below are some photos of several prototypes I've made so far:
Unfinished teak wood

The same teak wood case dyed to a dark brown and finished with lacquer.

The teak wood case used as a Filco case.

Unfinished Ebony wood case

The Ebony case test with an unsoldered Phantom kit in ANSI125 layout

It's adjustable feet in action
I can't guarantee that the final product will have the adjustable feet to click both when folded and when raised, but it will at least click when folded and should function as it's meant to be :)
Should anyone be interested, your opinions would be greatly valued and would really appreciate it if you could sign your interest in the fancy Google Form.
Prices are in USD and exclude shipping/Paypal fees. Case will be shipped from Indonesia.
Please refer to this drawing to get a rough picture on how each feet option will look like.
Thank you in advance :)

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21 Jun 2014, 15:47

I would 100% be in!


23 Jun 2014, 05:02


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23 Jun 2014, 08:48

Looks amazing! It's the best wood case I've seen so far. I wish I had the money for a ebony one. :)


23 Jun 2014, 17:15

Any possibility for walnut?


23 Jun 2014, 23:55

Any chance of a 60% sized version?

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24 Jun 2014, 15:53

invalidname wrote: Any chance of a 60% sized version?
Or fullsize?


17 Aug 2014, 19:36

interested. very.


18 Sep 2014, 09:23

Wow! I want this very much!

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√(4) != -2

05 Nov 2014, 15:17

Very interested, if ISO is supported :)

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26 Nov 2014, 22:52

Very interesting idea! Nice execution!!!

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14 Dec 2014, 14:53

Is this case still available? I am really interested, this looks awesome! :)


10 Jan 2015, 20:23

Woah, I want this! Like now, Take my money.
I registered just to reply to this thread mannn that case looks SICK!


10 Jan 2015, 21:26

Looks real nice.

I see that there are lots of routing the bottom of the case. Is the PCB touching the bottom, and how does it sound?
I made myself a custom plastic Phantom case with the PCB just touching the bottom and it got pretty loud.


10 Jan 2015, 23:11

Would be in for one, regardless of cost I think. Could you make a Winkelyess model also?

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10 Jan 2015, 23:15

You do realize that the OP wasn't online since June?
Would be nice though if the OP would reappear and continue to work on the case, since it really looks nice.

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11 Jan 2015, 01:58

looks wonderfull. Added an interest for ISO layout and 60%.

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