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17 Nov 2020, 10:47

Hi Deskthority Community,

We are proud and a bit terrified to officially announce our first keyboard today:
The Teleport TKL. (For the ones who already stumbled upon us, hi again 😉 )

First things first: A few pictures and renders


As you can see, it´s a top mounted TKL Keyboard with an ISO-DE (German) Layout. We support 6 different colorways (red, blue, black, grey, silver, purple, orange) and two different mounting plates (brass and aluminium). (The specific board on the picture is anodized in silver, upon the customers request we went for a more rustic look and did not blast the aluminum but only sanded it down by hand.) The cases weighs in at 1.6kg with the aluminum plate and around 1.8kg with the brass plate. Typing angle is 6 degrees. As we struggled to get our hands on German keycaps, we created a basic keycap set (PBT, Dye-Sub) as well, which comes with all fully assembled boards or can be ordered separately in our store.

ISO-DE TKL Keyboard
7075 CNC Milled Aluminum
18,5 mm Front height, 6° Typing Angle
2-Piece Design (Case+ Bottom Plate)
Top mount, mounting plates are available in brass and aluminum

You can check out more details and renders here: www.theteleport.de

Note: Unfortunately, for now we only deliver to Germany. We are looking into expanding delivery to other regions as well.

For the ones interested: A little backstory
The three of us got sick of the stock keyboards and found ourselves deep down the rabbit hole of custom keyboards during the end of last year. What started as a project between two brothers and a childhood friend turned into something we figured we could share with the community, especially since TKL and ISO Custom Keyboards are rather rare on the German/European market.
We went from, what we call “the beer prototype”, towards our first CNC-Milled prototype, that got a “few” more iterations, until we felt comfortable with the final design.
Because we like building shit, we build a website and shop around the whole thing, I guess that makes us a “vendor” in one way or another. We try to make the entrance into the hobby a little bit easier for newcomers, for example by providing them with free switch testers, keeping the language more “casual” and offering a fully assembled board. Obviously, we want people to be able to use the case as a base for their own project, that´s what the DIY kit is for. We may consider special wishes, just get in touch and we´ll see what we can do
Hope you guys like it, we are looking forward to your feedback, be gentle 😉

Best, Patrick, Philip & Tino from the.teleport

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