[IC] CYBERBOARD XMAS SPECIAL - Same shape different thoughts (CHECK THE PROTO)


08 Dec 2020, 21:38

What's good, this is Crazy Designers from China! We are now in Europe! * Jetzt in Deutschland!*

Firstly we wanna say thank you to you all, CYBERBOARD is our first run and it has gained so much love and support.
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Back to the topic, we are planning to make a Christmas version of CYBERBOARD right now and it will be a PC keyboard.
This CB still has the Cybertruck shape but we are doing different designs inside.
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We got the first prototype! it doesn't have a bottom now....but we are completing it real quick.
Wir machen das so schnell wie möglich und zu den ersten Großhandelsverkäufen gehörte auch Deutschland.
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We make it with:

CyberTruck Shape
LED Panel
Top mount
ANSI Layout
Hot-Swap PCB
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ICE COLD BABY! To match the Christmas vibe, we add RGB LEDs to the PCB. We also plan to make red color PCBs, need to see the proto tho.

- The Structure of LED Panel
We canceled the magnetic design this time. The panel and the acrylic lens are merged together and it will be tightened with screws.

- The Bottom
We still retained the wireless charging module, but removed its cover, and now the bottom of the keyboard is a flat surface.

- Brass Weight
We added a brass weight inside the CB, which is also our battery holder. In this way, all wires are isolated from the bottom cover. When you open the CB, you don't worry about breaking that ribbon cables anymore.

- Other thoughts
In addition to the upgrades mentioned above, there is “one more thing”.
Okay, actually we got more than 1...

1.We are making custom screws for the keeb
2.A brass nameplate would be on the keeb (it's on the space upon the array zone and the pattern is being voted in our discord)
3.The plate and the silicone mute mount are also semi-transparent.]
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Estimate price: 500 EURO
Quantity: less than CB R1

Für die neuesten Informationen und mehr treten Sie bitte unserem Discord-Server bei. Vielen Dank!

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/pj57uD8Xew
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13 Dec 2020, 13:04

AngryMiao wrote:
08 Dec 2020, 21:38
Firstly we wanna say thank you to all the Geekhackers, CYBERBOARD is our first run and it has gained so much love and support.
Nice board to be sure, but you might want to fix this :lol:

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The Tiproman

13 Dec 2020, 17:37

I'll never understand why anybody would want to use a platform named discord.

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