G80/G81 profile keycaps: 6.25u space bar, off-centered caps lock


29 Dec 2016, 17:09


I wanted to put the (lasered) keycaps of my G81 onto my modified 60% MX Board 3.0 (G80-3850). Unfortunately the space bar is too large and the caps lock key does not fit. Now, I search for a 6.25u-wide white space bar with center mount. Additionally, I look for a caps lock-keycap with an "off-centered" mount.


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29 Dec 2016, 17:19

Unfortunately the G80-3850 capslock has an off-off-centered mount. That's the reason why your G81-cap didn't fit. If you want to use it, you'll have to cut out the stem and glue it to the right position. Also, are you sure your modifier keys fit? Most G81 modifier caps are off-centered.
There was a group buy on computerbase which included the off-off-center capslock key: https://www.computerbase.de/forum/showt ... ?t=1594732. Maybe someone will sell you their set.


29 Dec 2016, 17:39

Ok, thank you for the reference. Actually, I don't know if they fit because I use arrow keys instead :D

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