Aek 83 pcb + fr4 plate 1.2mm.


18 Nov 2020, 16:35

Hi guys I offer my mini-kit without case and small details on
aeca alpes
(All is ready, the screenshots are slightly different version, for example, the board has no mounts on the sides for mounts) 45$ for plate+pcb (without diodes and controller, firmware ladies)
Contact me clownrosa#5516 (add me as a friend)
And also I have not ordered yet, all this is so that you wait.
I will also say that the plate is like fr4 and 1.2mm.
And I translated if there is a lot of water or crooked sorry.
And switches on f pannel rotate for aek layout :z

Yoo glws.
IMG_20201118_092750_951.jpg (49.72 KiB) Viewed 310 times
IMG_20201116_062739_482.jpg (51.14 KiB) Viewed 310 times


18 Nov 2020, 16:36

not for alps+cherry (only alps btw)

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22 Nov 2020, 15:06

Hi. Are you the author of this PCB? Do you any documentation (BOM, build gude, flasing, etc.)?

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