fs: Tektronix xterminal xp217 + Tekxpress Tekware software


02 Feb 2019, 21:16

I have for sale a great x11 terminal made by Tektronix in the 90s.

System Specifications
CPU: LR33020MC 25Mhz (MIPS, with no MMU or FPU)
RAM: 4Mb, upgradeable with standard 72fp SIMMs
1x Ethernet Port (BNC and UTP). Uses a SONIC DP83934 chip.
2x Serial Ports
PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse ports
1x Standard 15pin VGA port. TLC34076-135FN chip.
Can be expanded with a parallel port, "sound card" and two PCMCIA slots.

It works with SGI IRIX and HPUX v10, v11, and with Linux as well, but it's not able to handle gtk and gtk2 applications, it's only able to handle motif applications and it's PSEDO color.

installed system RAM: 32MByte
keyboard and mouse are common PS/2 (not included)
the Video Out is a common VGA

this machine needs the special firmware TekXpress v7 and I provide it in its original CD included (it's very rare and difficult to find, but ... this machine was bought by my father, so I am lucky about it).

I also include the original PSU (+5/+12V), which accepts 100-240VAC

In order to operate this terminal needs to bootstrap from a tftpboot server, which has to provide the operating system as well as the X11 ambient, fonts, windows manager et al: this is the content of the TekXpress CD.

This system has been tested, and I can provide a configuration example for Linux.

Questions? Send me a PM!

It's located in Italy and I can ship worldwide with UPS.
I am asking 220 euro plus S/H

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