WTS Empty Cherry cases: nixdorf, highscreen, gulpin, speedline, schneider

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22 Feb 2019, 22:53

If anyone wants any of these cherry cases, let me know within the next 12 hours or so and make me an offer[*], exclusive of shipping from the UK (which can be expensive but shouldn’t be since these are light). Otherwise they’re all going to the recycler in the morning.

EDIT: Plates are not compatible, just other junk from my junk pile.

[*]: I’ve decided to ask for offers for them because I don’t have the time to find/buy boxes, materials etc, and my only opportunity to get to a recycling center in the next few months is tomorrow, so I don’t want to hold on to my junk waiting for people if I might end up having to throw them out anyway
ECD92E7B-FFCA-4A88-99D5-82BA3988A729.jpeg (1.83 MiB) Viewed 619 times

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19 Mar 2019, 23:50

Is the top right still available or am I too late :(

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