Datacomp DFK 192 - pine ALPS SKCM white


21 Jul 2019, 15:08

I want to sell a Datacomp DFK 192 with pine ALPS SKCM white switches. I have lost interest in restoring this board. I already have another Datacomp DFK 192 with SMK 2nd gen. clicky switches with ALPS mount. For the condition of the board I refer to the pictures. I have also made a picture of the inside of the switch. The switches are dusty, but can probably restored by cleaning them in a ultrasonic cleaner, which I do not possess. Moreover, the cable is faulty. You need to repair the cable, but the board itself is fully working since I have tested it with the cable from the other Datacomp board I have. I have already started to clean the switches in the F-row. I also experimented on lubing the switches with PTFE dry lube, but I am not satisfied with the result, because I like the SMK switches more and I cannot get used to white ALPS switches. I have cleaned the case and the keycaps. On removing the "+"-keycap from the numpad it got broken and I have glued the pieces. Please check the pictures for the result.

I am asking 25 Euros plus shipping.
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For the cable repair I have already started another thread where I have received very helpful answers. Please check it out here:



22 Jul 2019, 11:24


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