[WTS] 1986 M122 with blue sublegends & Soarer's converter, SILENCED HHKB Pro 2 black + others!


02 Aug 2019, 17:08

Hi guys, this is my sale thread which I may update every now and again when I have something new.

Shipping within the UK is free, but international shipping will cost you. Please post before PMing.

First up is a clean, lightly-used IBM Model M 122-key terminal from April 1986. It comes with Orihalcon's 240° 5-pin DIN to USB converter. This is the nicest M I've tried. £119

Black HHKB Professional 2 with KBDfans Silence-X rings and an official PFU dampening mat on the bottom. I bought the keyboard brand new on the 16th of April, although I really can't get into Topre, nor can I get used to the layout. Comes with a shorter, but coiled cable. £149

Chicony KB-5581. Has seen little use, but has unevenly yellowed. Keycap lettering still in great shape, as is the cable, which is still beautifully-coiled. Switches are Aristotles, vintage clicky MX clones. They have a soft click and feel somewhat inconsistent. I cannot test the functionality of the trackball, but it appears to be in good shape. £29

BKE Redux Light domes (limited blue colour run) £45 Not sure if these are still available, but they're blue instead of the standard grey colour. Pack of 71.

Pictures coming soon!


15 Aug 2019, 06:33

are the pictures ever coming?

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15 Aug 2019, 10:22

PM for the Chicony


15 Aug 2019, 11:31

Hi guys, I kind of forgot about this thread. I was trying to find an alternative to Ebay, but I just ended up selling on there anyway. Sorry about that.

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