[WTS] Datacomp DFK 192 - SMK 2nd gen. clicky ALPS mount switch [SOLD]


07 Oct 2019, 11:31

update from Monday, 10/28 2019: This board now comes with its original caps!

Hi folks,

I want to sell this beautiful keyboard with SMK 2nd generation clicky ALPS mount switches. One could say that these need to be the famous Monterey switches, but the colour of the slider is instead "beige" or "ivory". I have bought this keyboard from deskthority user Noobmaen and he told me that they feel identical or at least similar to the Monterey switch. I also have SMK 2nd gen. clicky switches with MX mount and both switches feel similar to me, and the differences they show might stem from the keyboard chassis or PCB etc.

The keyboard itself uses pad printed keycaps and is fully working with my Soarer's converter. The original cable was malfunction and has been swapped from another Datacomp DFK 192. The keycaps have a nice texture and the pad printing is fully intact. The keyboard has been cleaned, I have put some foam like material under the PCB and each key does not show any scratchiness or key chatter. In the end this is a very nice keyboard with extremely smooth and clicky switches :)

I am asking 70 € -> 60 € -> 55 € plus shipping from Germany. I am open for questions or offers. Here are some pictures:

The keyboard will be sold without keycaps. I am open for offers :)
20191028_162914.jpg (4.1 MiB) Viewed 3502 times
more pictures:
20191028_155027.jpg (4.27 MiB) Viewed 3502 times
20191028_155035.jpg (4 MiB) Viewed 3502 times
20191007_110018.jpg (1.67 MiB) Viewed 4043 times
20191007_110028.jpg (2.1 MiB) Viewed 4043 times
20191007_110220.jpg (1.5 MiB) Viewed 4043 times
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17 Oct 2019, 11:03

^^ price drop

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18 Oct 2019, 05:02

Thats really cheap!! If its still available in a week or so ill probably take it


24 Oct 2019, 10:50

^^ one more price drop


28 Oct 2019, 16:43

update - board now comes with all its original caps


04 Nov 2019, 13:05

From now I will be selling this keyboard without any keycaps.
20191104_132629.jpg (3.35 MiB) Viewed 3222 times
Please make me some offers for this keyboard without keycaps :)


05 Nov 2019, 16:42

since the spacebar does not fit on the other keyboard, where I wanted to install it, I add the spacebar to this blank keyboard.

Please make some offers!

PS: I did not know that clicky SMKs have that low interest in the community, although they are really cool switches.

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05 Nov 2019, 16:46

Try Ebay.


05 Nov 2019, 22:34

I thought the "real" keyboard enthusiasts are at deskthority and ebay is just a playground to them.

Someone can grab the board for 25 Euros.

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05 Nov 2019, 22:49

I think it is more that these are the alps mount variety rather than the MX mount. MX mount has higher desirability, due to keycap compatibility. Most people with alps mount keycaps will likely have an alps switch they would want to use them with rather than the SMKs, but for MX, SMKs are excellent.


06 Nov 2019, 06:32

Ok, I understand. I also have some keycaps from a chicony 6251, which are thin abs doubleshots and some are pad printed to offer. I would sell these too if some just wants to try SMKs.

Example picture with some of the keycaps:
20191030_173705.jpg (4.06 MiB) Viewed 2894 times


06 Nov 2019, 11:36

^^ reserved!

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