[done] Free pickup of 30+ vintage / mechanical keyboards in 34246 Germany

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28 Dec 2019, 23:15

User diseeease has vouched to collect the lot. Thank you for all the PMs.

Giving away the boards I suspect I will always be too lazy to sell separately but that I feel are still too valuable to take to the recycler. The majority of these are mechanical, but don't expect to find any particular jewels among them as I would keep any I would consider such myself or (hopefully) sell them separately in future.

The entire lot is available for collection / pickup at my house only, take all or nothing. Please PM if you're interested and can be bothered to drive to Kassel for these. You can just grab the boxes and leave, but a coffee and chat are free, too. :lol:
no longer available: Having said that if anyone wants to pay 20€ plus shipping for any single board or 15€ each plus shipping for two or more boards, feel free to PM. The offer to buy individual boards and have them sent will only be open until January 7th though I doubt there will be much demand. After that any person picking up the lot will be guaranteed ownership of any boards still listed as available in this post.
I hope nobody objects to my not having included timestamps in the photos in this case. If anyone does, I can remove the offer to buy individual boards and go with free giveaway / pickup only. If anyone still objects, I hope something heavy will fall onto their tiny toe.

As a bonus, you have the option of picking up the box of Cherry offal (bottommost pic): none of these still have keycaps, some G81s are still intact otherwise. The G80s in there have had their sliders and springs removed. Some cases are still pretty decent (two 1000s, I think, the others are 3000s).

So here goes:

IMG_20191228_221033.jpg (4.22 MiB) Viewed 801 times
Three classic rubber domes

IMG_20191228_220556.jpg (4.65 MiB) Viewed 801 times
4x vintage MX blue (from top: Chicony 5192, Nan Tan (?), Chicony 5182, Auva)

IMG_20191228_220412.jpg (4.23 MiB) Viewed 801 times
Chicony 5182 and 5160 (both Futaba MA), Epson with inverse cross-mount tactile SMK, Tipro MX black

IMG_20191228_220121.jpg (4.03 MiB) Viewed 801 times
Two (I think) Chicony 5192, both with Futaba MA, Chicony 5182 with white ALPS, missing keycaps included but one or two stabilizers broken off, Cherry ML G84-something

IMG_20191228_215643.jpg (4.23 MiB) Viewed 801 times
Fujitsu-made Epson board with the plastic hammer thingy type switch (discussed at one point in Identify thread), Compaq Extended RD, broken RAFI Siemens-style switch, G80-18XX MX black

IMG_20191228_215450.jpg (4.63 MiB) Viewed 801 times
Tipro Futuro MX black, two interesting Sejin Futaba MA boards with the numpad on the left - the grids for handicapped people come off, Proworld or somesuch clone

IMG_20191228_214828.jpg (4.03 MiB) Viewed 801 times
compact G80 MX black, 3x rubber dome

IMG_20191228_214710.jpg (4.33 MiB) Viewed 801 times
two Acer switch boards (really great switches), very nice ALPS-mount caps, too, if not for the excessive yellowing, Cherry G83 with Cyrillic sublegends, Mitsumi RD

IBM Model M RD_front.jpg
IBM Model M RD_front.jpg (3.75 MiB) Viewed 801 times
IBM Model M RD_back.jpg
IBM Model M RD_back.jpg (3.87 MiB) Viewed 801 times
RD Model M by Lexmark

Videowriter_RD.jpg (3.45 MiB) Viewed 795 times
Magnavox Videowriter RD

Numpad front.jpg
Numpad front.jpg (1.49 MiB) Viewed 795 times
Numpad_back.jpg (4.42 MiB) Viewed 795 times
Interesting laptop numpad with MX blues and Cherry M8 or somesuch for the compact keys, but doesn't produce any recognizable output via its PS/2 plug

Cherry_offal.jpg (1.6 MiB) Viewed 795 times
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28 Dec 2019, 23:35

Hello, this all looks great. Where are you in Germany? I’m in Berlin.

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28 Dec 2019, 23:45

34246, near Kassel

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29 Dec 2019, 00:15


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29 Dec 2019, 00:16


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29 Dec 2019, 00:49

Pm :D

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29 Dec 2019, 02:33



29 Dec 2019, 04:56

PMd :)

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