Cherry B 65-1712 keypad

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23 Mar 2020, 22:49

Selling a Cherry B 65-1712 keypad that sat on a shelf for the past 8 years or so. As far as I can tell, it hasn't been used. Due to Corona outbreak and the subsequent quarantine, I had to close my computer repair workshop on Monday 16th. No idea how long this will last but bills have to be paid so I'll be listing a lot of my retro hardware on eBay.

Anyway, to keep it short, I don't really know how much this is worth so let me know, if the price is too high.

I'm asking 35€ + shipping. Because of Corona, it may not be possible to ship to the following countries (Post office restrictions): Finland, Cyprus, Greece, Estonia, Bulgaria, Norway, Luxembourg, Israel, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Belarus, Spain, Ukraine, Turkey and Canada. There are many other destinations that I'm unable to ship to, mostly South America, Africa and Middle East.

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23 Mar 2020, 23:21

Please update your items for sale in here too XD. Anyways, GLWS, and stay strong stay safe my friend this is hard time for us all.

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24 Mar 2020, 19:51

Do you have a projected shipping cost to the US?

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25 Mar 2020, 13:29

Exemplar wrote:
24 Mar 2020, 19:51
Do you have a projected shipping cost to the US?
I think 7€ for registered airmail will cover it. It's not very heavy, might even be cheaper. Will check after work and let you know.

Just checked the post office website and it will cost 5.87€ to ship.

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