(WTS) Deck Legend, Cherry MX 11900 (2x, modified), Goldtouch numpad, MX switches

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10 May 2020, 18:24

Selling a few of my keyboards. Details and pricing below. Pictures at the bottom.

Keyboard: Deck Legend (similar to Hassium Pro 108)
Keys: Cherry MX Black
Key Caps: Deck double-shot ABS, translucent (LED glow) letters
Condition: Very good physical condition, but the * key on numpad doesn't work and there are several dim or dead LEDs
Notes: I noticed the * key wasn't working but the switched worked fine (continuity check). Ends up the eyelets in the PCB separated and it is not repairable (at least by me). Other than that one switch the keyboard works great and is very unique with its special font, translucent double-shot keycaps. It is worth the cost for the keycaps alone.
Price: $75 + shipping

Keyboard: Cherry MX 11900 (#1)
Keys: Cherry MX "Ergo Clear" (Clear stems, brown springs)
Key Caps: Laser etched PBT, dyed orange
Condition: Excellent
Notes: This is one of my favorite boards, but hasn't been used in a while. Everything works perfectly and the clear stems are broken in, so the tactile bump is not as sharp feeling as brand new clears (an improvement in my opinion). No issues with keys failing to return to the top. Absolutely love this setup and the keycaps came out great. I will be including a dual PS2 (Mouse+Keyboard) to USB adapter with this board.
Price: $60 + shipping

Keyboard: Cherry MX 11900 (#2)
Keys: Cherry MX Black
Key Caps: Double-shot ABS, dyed lavender
Condition: Okay
Notes: This one is generally rough, but functions perfectly. The case was originally white, but painted black. There are some scratches that can be seen in the pictures. Cable is off-white, so in generally, not the prettiest keyboard. This would be a good keyboard for someone wanting to play with new switch types (it uses PCB mounted switches, so it is incredibly easy to modify) or looking to salvage switches.
Price: $20 + shipping

Keyboard: Goldtouch GTC-0033 mechanical numpad
Keys: Cherry MX Brown
Key Caps: Dye-sublimated PBT
Condition: Very good, but plastic is starting to yellow
Notes: Works perfectly and has a very useful function layer.
Price: $35 + shipping

Switches: Over 300 used Cherry MX switches (selling a complete lot)
Notes: Lot includes the following...
- 196 Cherry MX Black - Plate mounted
- 100 Cherry MX Black - PCB mounted, with diode
- 11 Cherry MX Clear - PCB mounted, with diode
- 1 Cherry MX Gray - PCB mounted, with diode
- 1 Cherry MX Gray - Plate mounted
Price: $50 + shipping


Deck Legend

Cherry MX 11900 (#1)

Cherry MX 11900 (#2)

Goldtouch GTC-0033 mechanical numpad

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