[WTS] Gorgeous FLS3, Cherry (Tipro) RC128BM


17 May 2020, 21:35

Hi guys. Selling a few things, might add more stuff in the future but we'll see.

All prices are in CAD and do not include shipping (likely $20-30 for Canadians, probably $30-40 for Americans at most).

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/VosZ3WS

Got two interesting boards. The first is a Cherry RC128BM. This is a rebadged Tipro with MX Blacks (not vints). Uses PS/2, not USB, so it has to be programmed with a 32-bit version of Windows (no VM, no Wine, no emulators, nothing; gotta be real Win 32-bit) but once programmed it works flawlessly on any computer (although I believe it needs to be on a dedicated PS/2 port, but maybe it just doesn't like my PS/2 adapter). I bought it brand new, used it for a bit, but wasn't using it enough to make it worthy of using a decent amount of space on my desk. Cool board, awesome if you want a big macro pad (or an ortho board :lol:). Comes with original cable, removeable card reader (just a few screws and one cable), all the keycaps and their clear top halves (yes, these are relegendable), and some software CD which I kept their even though it is completely useless.

TL;DR: Rebadged Tipro, needs 32-bit Windows and PS/2 port to program but works fine on modern OSes, has MX blacks (not vints) and relegendable caps.

Not 100% sure what this is worth, so I will say...$100, but please, send me offers (trades are always appreciated, sometimes even preferred :lol:!).

The second and more interesting board is...I don't even know. It belonged to a MAI Basic Four terminal and I believe this is the keyboard to a 4313 terminal. It has third gen Fujitsu Leaf Springs and fucking stunning dye-sub caps (not spherical doubleshots like all other FLS boards I've seen). I did do a very thorough cleaning and except for some very minor yellowing on the case and spacebar, it is in amazing shape. I did clean the switches but they don't feel that great; far from bad, but they could certainly use some lube (or maybe FLS is just worse than everyone makes it out to be :lol:). I have tried converting it but failed, although I have at least done some work (basically just figuring out the pinout for the cable, but whatever), and since the connector on the cable was destroyed when I got the board, I chopped it off and crudely soldered it to a Pro Micro. Might be super easy to convert if you have the equipment or know what protocol it uses, but I don't. Little bit of info/investigation here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=23766

TL;DR: FLS3 board, amazing shape but slightly scratchy switches, attempted to convert but was unsuccessful, maybe with the right equipment to read the protocol or just knowledge of what it is you can convert this.

As with the Cherry, I am not sure what is a reasonable price (and also prefer trades), but since it is in fantastic shape (with the exception of the slightly scratchy switches and very minor yellowing) I am going to say $130.

Lastly, I have a BTC 5121. BTC domes (not dome with slider) that feel pretty damn good. Slightly yellowed, has a 5-pin din connector. Works great, feels pretty decent. Metal bottom, plastic everything else.

$10 or free with purchase of other board(s).

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