[WTS] EU-DE 2* Sparkle Loft Reactor Artisan, 2* Weytec Keycaps


27 Jun 2020, 19:59

Hi everybody,
after a longer hiatus I decided to get a few new 60% boards, try out T1s, Holy Pandas and stuff.
When looking through the stuff I still got lying around I noticed that I got WAY too much keyboard-related stuff and some of it has GOT to go.

I have NO idea what any of this stuff is worth anymore. I'll post some pricepoints, but they're only there as a point of orientation. If they're vastly overpriced, feel free to correct me, but at the same time I'm asking to tell me if I'm massively underselling, I want this to be a fair trade for both sides.

I'm situated in Germany, but willing to ship worldwide. I'll try to pack everything nice and cozy, but especially with worldwide shipping I sadly can't promise a damage free delivery.

First of all I want to start with these:


2 Sets of Weytec keycaps, one from a EK2000 and one from a MK06. I put these up on ebay first but took them down now. I will however just copy and paste the description.

This is a complete set of keycaps from a WeyTec MK06 keyboard. The keycaps are made of ABS and overall in good condition. There's a scratch on the numpad spanning from 0 to 8. While the 0 is scratched on the surface, the other keycaps are only scratched on the sides, so it's less noticeable.
Apart from that there's very little shine and yellowing on the keycaps, except for some reason on the M-button. Also the Pad-Printing on the numpads Enter is starting to wear off, although there's little shine on the cap.

This is a complete set of keycaps from a WeyTec EK2000 keyboard. The keycaps are made of ABS and overall in good condition.
Apart from that there's quite a lot of shine, but very little yellowing on the keycaps.

The majority of the keycaps are made of Doubleshot ABS, although some are pad-printed.

The Artisan Keycaps:
Yeah no idea why I ever bought those. I don't even like ironman and I don't like artisans either. They're both unused, but thanks to the shitty tin they came in some edges lost some color. It's difficult to catch with the camera and I'm pretty sure you won't be able to see it when looking at the keycap when mounted on a keyboard. They come with different stems, one for Topre, two for MX.
~40€ each

So yeah that's it for now, although I'm sure there'll be more relatively soon.

Thanks for looking at my offer and looking to hear from you :D


28 Jun 2020, 13:46



29 Jun 2020, 23:06


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30 Jun 2020, 13:40

Why did you strip a Weytec? Ouch


02 Jul 2020, 19:26

Because I wasn't one of the lucky ones who got the electronics to make them work. So I got rid of the parts I couldn't use and kept the ones I could.


02 Jul 2020, 20:06

Because you had no connector box? I need one of those too :/

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