[WTS] Tandy 3000 Keyboard - Fujitsu Leaf Spring 3rd Gen

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01 Aug 2020, 03:48

Album: https://imgur.com/a/bk6xSWw

Hey y'all,

I listed it on eBay, but I'd thought I'd listed here as well for less in case anyone wanted to buy it direct at a discount since no eBay tax.

Looking to sell my Tandy 3000 I bought about two years ago, with linear 3rd gen Fujitsu Leaf Spring switches. The condition overall is quite good I would say, very smooth with no key scratchiness and the feeling being consistent overall, and works without problems over a Soarer's.

There are a couple issues:
  • Spacebar squeaks a bit when pressed, although that can most likely be solved just by maybe greasing or repositioning the stabilizer a bit.
  • Small scratch on the "D" and "E" keys, as well as on the left size of the case (see pictures in album above).
Looking for $360 + shipping for it.
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07 Aug 2020, 03:31

Bump with new price.

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12 Aug 2020, 05:24

Second bump with new price.

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