[FS] [US-CA} Dactyl Ergodox assembled and ready to go, no keycaps, no gel pads


15 Oct 2020, 19:00

Photos: https://imgur.com/a/6jMRQi0

Selling freshly assembled Dactyl Ergodox. Cherry MX Red.
The right half has keycaps shown, which are NOT included, I put them only to illustrate the layout.
The keyboard is wired 100% compatible with QMK configurator firmware without modifications.
Both sides flashed with the default firmware and layout - resembles Kinesis Advantage layout.
The wiring is color coded for easy repair, NOTHING is glued in place, just in case if you wanted to make any changes.
The wiring uses Amoeba PCB's for reliability, and color solid wire.
The harness going to the Elite-C microcontroller uses stranded wire (CAT6 Ethernet type) for flexibility when the keyboard is open.
The halves communicate using serial protocol (default in QMK) and a TRS cable, TRRS is NOT required.

Buyer will receive:
Two keyboard halves
USB-C to USB cable - min 3ft long
TRS cable - min 1.5ft long

NOT included are:
gel wrist pads
key caps
Asking $349 plus shipping. Local pickup in Los Angeles possible. Payment via PayPal

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