[WTS] IBM 3741 Beamspring Keyboard Module

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20 Nov 2020, 05:38

Hi all,

I am interested in selling my 3741 Beamspring Keyboard module. For those who don't know this is a fairly rare model of beamspring that was directly integrated in the famous 3741 Data Station desk. I don't have the original desk that came with it so what I am offering to sell is just the keyboard module. This could still make a good collectors item even without the enclosure, but most people who have managed to obtain one of these standalone have made them into mini beamspring customs. The ones I remember used new PCBs (created by __red__) and DMA's commonsense controller so it will likely be little bit more work to convert than the more common models of beamspring with xwhatsit. I haven't really had the time or energy to get around to doing this so I see little reason to keep it now.

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/l5cRgvl

It's not flawless as a few of the keycaps show some wear around the edges if you look very closely, but I would say it's in fairly good condition.

I know I may end up getting a lot of flack for this but I do not really know what this is worth and have recently seen a few other community members selling their stuff in this manner, so if you are interested please send me an offer, either by PMing me here or on Discord (Bass #3854). I strongly prefer cash since I am currently in a situation where some additional funds would really help, but I will also consider some trades if you offer something special.


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Gotta start somewhere

20 Nov 2020, 09:19



21 Nov 2020, 01:08

Pm'd you on discord


22 Nov 2020, 22:46

GLWS, this is the second one I've ever seen of these!

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