SOLD - Gravis ultrasound Classic

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09 Jan 2021, 19:39


As the title suggests, I want to trade or sell my Gravis ultrasound Classic for a decent board with SKCM Blues in it.
-101/102 key AT(/XT), OR XT layout keyboard.

Tested, working, populated with 1MB RAM.

-Price: 200€, negotiable.
-Shipping: worldwide (buyer pays in case of selling)

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10 Jan 2021, 00:15

Why GUS cards are so expensive?

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10 Jan 2021, 02:04

I really don't know, but I'm rather flexible regarding the cost.

But mainly, Mods (music files, similar, or same as on amiga) , and the demoscens.

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13 Jan 2021, 20:22

Price lowered by 50€s.
Also I put it up to ebay for 230.

EDIT: Sold on eBay.

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