Looking for some vintage boards


07 Nov 2019, 23:18

Hello everyone, I am looking to expand my ever growing collection of vintage boards :) I specifically want to buy one of these boards, preferably in decent condition (especially the Alps boards):
  • Apple Extended Keyboard (Salmon or Orange)
  • Apple Extended Keyboard II (Salmon, have enough Cream and White Dampened already)
  • Zenith Z-150 (Yellow or Green)
  • Zenith ZKB-2 (Yellow or Green)
  • Zenith 163-73
  • some Vintage Cherry MX Black board
If anyone is willing to part with them, please make me an offer. :P I am from Austria, so I would prefer shipping from EU.
Best regards and thanks in advance for any reply. :)

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08 Nov 2019, 00:13

I actually have an Apple Extended Keyboard with Salmons I've been meaning to sell, but I am US based. Still, maybe it is worth an offer.

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08 Nov 2019, 15:03

Pm ;)

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08 Nov 2019, 16:56


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