[WTB] Gateway 2000 Anykey or parts from broken unit, info inside


21 Jul 2020, 01:37

So I recently came upon a pretty nice Gateway 2000 Anykey and I was using it as my daily. Well, I spilled a full glass of water on the keyboard and it filled with water. Took it apart, set it outside to dry aaaand forgot about it. Texas is currently 98 degrees Fahrenheit and the metal backplate literally cooked the plastic spacer holding the plastic sliders.

TL:DR I'm a forgetful idiot. Melted my keyboard, need new black plastic spacer that holds all the Maxi switch barrels. Or a whole new Gateway 2000 Anykey.

Looking to spend $40-50 for a full working keyboard or $20 for the spacer. Both are negotiable.

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