I want YOU to build me a USB cable from an old coiled Cherry Din6 connector cable!


24 Jul 2020, 15:33

Hey guys,

as mentioned above.

I purchased an old "vintage" coiled Cherry cable because I read that you can simply cut the cord and swap the connectors.

Unfortunately, my skills in building cables are not that great. I tried but I failed miserably...

Is there someone around that can help me? I'd ship my cable to the person and of course would cover all costs plus payment for the work itself. EU preferred, as I am located in Germany

I need a USB A to Mini USB cable.

Feel free to message me if you can help me with this one!

Thanks ;)

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24 Jul 2020, 15:49

I’m figuring out how to do this myself. After looking at a few YouTube videos, it doesn’t look that hard. If you can solder a board, you can make a cable.


04 Aug 2020, 00:52

where are you located?

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04 Aug 2020, 01:24

I could make a cable but
hKing wrote:
24 Jul 2020, 15:33
EU preferred, as I am located in Germany
I am in the US, so it would not be worth it

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