[WTB] Model F/M Enter/Shift/BS keycaps, badge, and a flipper

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28 Dec 2020, 08:51

Hi there.
I am looking for:
-"ISO Conversion kit" for a Model F AT: a short left backspace, ISO Enter, and 2 unit backspace
-One flipper and spring for a Model M (I accidentally crushed a spring in my M :oops: )
-One flipper and spring for a Model F
-Badge: Don't really care if it's for the F AT, or XT... the only thing that matters is well... it has to be IBM. :lol: Mine is missing.

Thanks for checking out.

Need shipping to: EU, Hungary
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18 Jan 2021, 21:16

Edited, bump.

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20 Jan 2021, 10:55

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