[WTB] Leading Edge DC-2214 w/o switches, Windows 95 Alps Keycap, Filco Skeleton, Datadesk Keyboards, Strong Man SMK-85

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10 Feb 2021, 19:00

I'm looking to buy someone's switch donor 2214. Preferably no dents or gouges in the case and plate and pcb included, intact, and working. Don't need or want switches and keycaps.

I also need a 1u Windows 95/98 style keycap from a Focus, an Omnikey/Avant, or something similar (I believe both were made by TaiHao, but I might be wrong).

I'm also interested in any transparent alps items, namely a smoke or blue Filco Skeleton, and I'd really like to find the black and/or clear version of the Datadesk Trackboard/Lil Big Board.

Lastly, I'm looking for a Strong Man SMK-85.


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