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20 Feb 2021, 08:30

Trackball aficionados: on the quest for your perfect trackball, you might have ended up with a couple unused and/or detested trackballs in a drawer. I'm interested in trying out finger or thumb trackballs, preferably with scroll wheel of some kind. Let me know what you're ready to part with!

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21 Feb 2021, 02:26

I've got a probably at least 5 year old Kensington Expert wireless w/Bluetooth and older Kensington Orbit (the one with the blue ball and scroll ring). I'd just give you the Orbit, if you pay shipping. The Expert? $40 + shipping. If you're interested, PM me. I have to find the dongles. I'd also do trades. I like trades.

I'm in the US. If you're wondering, I use a CST and an Elecom Huge. Not at the same time.

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22 Feb 2021, 05:38

How do you compare the scroll rings on the two Kensingtons? I hear that the Orbit's is smoother than the Expert's.

The CST and Elecom HUGE both look pretty top notch, and seem to fit in entirely different categories. How is it with that scroll wheel way up there on the CST?


23 Feb 2021, 00:56

Have you read through the mice & co. subforum?

I posted this back in '19 and recommend reading different opinions. There haven't been that many releases since then: a couple of kensingtons and run-of-the-mill thumb trackballs… and Ploopy.
The [CST] wheel and button are wide. They're as wide as three of my fingers. As how to use them, I have my fingertips on the buttons' edge and rest knuckles on the ball (using the whole hand to move it). This is different from people who rest their hand on the case and move the ball with their fingertips: no wonder they can't reach the wheel or middle button easily.

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23 Feb 2021, 08:32

Yes, I read that a while back, and now having done my research it carries more weight re-reading it. Thanks for the link. The community seems to have as varied opinions as there are trackballs. Also seems relatively common that people pine for the trackballs that went out of production a long time ago!

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