[H] Unsaver (F104) [W] Kishsaver (F62) or F77

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01 Apr 2019, 05:42

Hey guys,

I'm on the fence of trading my Unsaver for a Kishsaver, as the 60% form factor could benefit my current work flow a bit better. I'm not sure yet and want to see first if anyone would be interested in a trade, as I though I would never sell/trade my Unsaver ever, as it's the perfect board for me.

Seeing the replica from Ellipse I could just "buy" a Kishsaver, which makes the trade even harder for me, as it doesn't have any collector value for me but purely a functional one. And if there's never an Unsaver replica then it seems like a bad trade for me...

I live in Germany, so I would prefer if the other person would be in the EU too for a simpler trade.

Best regards,

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