[H] New Old Stock Hatsuko HEKB01 (Topre HiPro) [W] Other Topre Stuff

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09 Sep 2019, 13:33

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Hi, I’m looking to trade this HEKB01 - the alphas have been typed on for maybe an hour, otherwise it’s completely NOS - lovely stuff, just feel kinda bad about using new keycaps that are so often beaten to death due to their data entry use case. Silly I know.

I’m looking pretty exclusively for 2 things:
1. White Printed Realforce keycap set ANSI (XF0100KT1)
AEB637CA-4789-4E69-A565-A2A42AF1C024.png (306.01 KiB) Viewed 3904 times
2. A Fujitsu Axess MCR (or its keycaps)
F1FCAF78-B9C3-411D-91D4-156ECA2B2984.png (4.3 MiB) Viewed 3904 times
If you have either of the above please drop me a message; let me know what you’re interested in and i’ll do my best to find it for you if i don’t have it. Thanks!


11 Sep 2019, 21:13

very nice, good luck finding what you're looking for :)

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05 Oct 2019, 18:51

Wazazaby wrote:
11 Sep 2019, 21:13
very nice, good luck finding what you're looking for :)
thanks mate, hopeful bump

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05 Oct 2019, 19:29

Would you consider selling it instead?

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05 Oct 2019, 22:27

Lovely board. And the other one you’re seeking is a looker, too. But selling is more likely, I think!

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