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28 Jan 2019, 02:24

Everything has been sold at the moment. Check back for more stuff!
Sharp PA-1000 Digital Typewriter
The typewriter has had its top cover on for most of the time I've had it, so the SKCL Greens in it (60 full-size and 13 compact) are in really good condition. The keycaps for the full-size switches are all doubleshots. I would assume most of the people on this forum would only be interested in salvaging the switches from the unit, but for what it's worth, it comes with the instruction manual and three ink ribbon cartridges. Here are a couple of pictures, look to the LCD for a timestamp.
20190127_191558.jpg (4.6 MiB) Viewed 2819 times
20190127_191350.jpg (4.75 MiB) Viewed 2819 times
20190127_191223.jpg (4.94 MiB) Viewed 2819 times
I'd like to trade for some plate-mount MX-compatible switches, preferably clicky or linear, and enough of them to fill up a full-size layout. The most favourable switch from each category would be Kailh Box Navys and Cherry MX Silent Reds respectively. I am open to items besides switches as well, so PM me with what you've got.

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28 Jan 2019, 04:06

I think I can arrange a trade for this!

Let me look through my stockpile of MX-compatibles to see what I've got enough of.

I'm very interested in this!
(I won't be able to see the stockpile until tomorrow but I want to get the post out in the hopes that you can wait to see what I can offer)


28 Jan 2019, 15:05

I should have a bunch of Vintage blacks if you are interested in trading! I could also throw in some gaterons and/or tealios!

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29 Jan 2019, 00:33


I've got 101 Gateron Reds, and ~100 Outemu Blue switches. I also have ~60 something Box Royals and Kailh Pale Blues. However, I also have a set of PBT SA 3/3/3/3/4/4 with lasered legends. It is normally a plain white but I attempted to dye some of the keys. Unfortunately it was somewhat botched and so the dyeing was splotched on some keys and uneven.

With this in mind, I offer anything you might be interested in, and will provide pictures upon request. I thought I had more pale blues, so I understand if nothing here is interesting.

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17 Feb 2019, 08:59

Tomatt and I have successfully made a trade and have received the items from one another.

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