2u Backspace from MT3 /dev/tty Triumph mods

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02 Feb 2019, 17:06


I'm looking for the 2u Backspace from the MT3 /dev/tty Triumph Mod set.
I'm aware, that this keycap is seldom a left-over, but maybe - in case someone uses a split backspace ....
Or, if someone likes colourful accents, I can offer the dark pink 2u Backspace from the CMY kit in exchange - together with the pink Ctrl keys - or any other combination.

Here's a list of all /dev/tty keys I could offer to trade (all from round 2, apart from International Set):
- CMY Kit (complete, apart from yellow 2.25u Shift)
- Triumph Apple kit (most of it)
- International kit (left-overs, esp. the non-German keys)
- Extra Triumph Mods (a lot)
- Triumph Mods (left-overs)
- Triumph Numpad (left-overs)
- 2 Base kits (left-overs)

... or the coloured extra keys from a Vortex ViBE or Vortex Race 3.

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06 Feb 2019, 10:49

Hey AMJ ! Talk to this guy on reddit, i'm sure you guys can help each other : https://www.reddit.com/user/HWHobby

I've also sent him your thread link ;)

Cheers, Adrian

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06 Feb 2019, 11:36

Hey Adrian,

thank you very much. I've sent him a message as well.

And here is a picture of the keyboard in question (came yesterday).
Maybe it convinces someone to help getting the right backspace keycap. :D
Race-3.jpg (636.38 KiB) Viewed 274 times

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07 Feb 2019, 09:27

if you still need it, PM me.

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07 Feb 2019, 11:35

Thank you very much, Matteo.
I'm in talks with the guy, that AdrianMan pointed my way, and I think that will work out.
But I will keep you in mind.

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12 Feb 2019, 19:52

Thanks to HWHobby from reddit and AdrianMan I've now got the needed 2u Backspace (+ a proper 1.75u CONTROL key and a second 1.5u arrow/Backspace). :)
Race3-1.jpg (514.46 KiB) Viewed 177 times
The arrows as legends on the problematic top-row corner 1.5u keys are unspecific enough for me to be interpreted as pretty much everything. The profile is not correct, but that can't be helped. The Ergodox kit would have 1.5u keys for row 1, which would be close to perfection, but afaik these are only available in white or red, but not in "Triumph" color.

Anyway, I'm happy now and thanks again to everyone who helped.

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12 Feb 2019, 20:00

sweet! congrats

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