{TX}{WTT} Chyron Maxine Character Generator Keyboard

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07 May 2020, 22:06

I bought this keyboard a while ago off eBay thinking that it would have cherry MX clears, however, as it turned out, it has linear Keytronic F&F switches. (The newer ones, not the old ones that say Spokane on them). I really detest linear switches, I bought an MX black board and ended up giving to my brother because of how much I disliked it.

Anyways setting the rather poor switches behind, this thing is a tank. It weighs about 17 pounds or so and because of its immense size and weight, this will likely only be for someone within my local area (Central Texas) as I fear it would cost an arm and a leg to ship. The entire case is made of steel (Potentially useable for a custom build). It has two serial/DE-9 ports on the back and a power supply integrated into the keyboard itself. Because of the serial ports, I have no way to test it other than power. When plugged in, If I press the caps lock key, the light turns on and respectively turns off upon another press, this is the furthest extent that I am able to test it.
The board also has thin double-shot keycaps, even the black ones are double shot, but the blue legends on the black appear to use some other method, possibly pad printing.

I'll trade for pretty much anything that I find of interest (vintage, tactile), but do note, I really don't like cherry MX black switches. If you’d like to skip trading and just buy the keyboard I'll probably accept your offer if it's reasonable. But, I would much prefer to trade.

Attached to this post will be some photos of the keyboard, the keyboard next to it for scale is a cherry G84-4100.
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