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29 Jul 2021, 08:31

I have a keyboard with I-Rocks switches in it, which I would like to trade for something similarly valued (approx. USD50, it retails for 90+ dollar which really don't think it's worth). I-Rocks switches are new Alps clone switches made by I-Rocks in collaboration with alps.tw. It has simplified-Alps-ish design with Cherry MX stems. The keyboard I have to trade has I-Rocks white switches, which is their super-light(28gw) linear switches. Interestingly, they give these white switches a special name in Mandarin, "Weird Switches."
^ Here are some switches.
^ This is the keyboard, it's basically a modern gaming keyboard with Alps-ish switches in them.

I hope to trade it for a vintage board which is similarly valued.
P.S. If you are interested in other I-Rocks switches, I might be able to help you buy one, I live in Taiwan where this keyboard is available to buy.

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