Need US proxy for shipping Unicomp replacement parts to Germany


12 Jul 2018, 13:14

Hey guys, I've had the urge to buy replacement parts from Unicomp for a long time, but $30 for shipping + (German) 19% V.A.T. is just ridiculous. It can't be that expensive to ship a few small plastic parts from the US to Germany. I'd appreciate if someone would be willing to offer their help.

I'm in desperate need for replacement space bars, most of all. I'm sure a bunch of people here in Europe are looking for a chance to stock a few of these since they're mostly the ones that need replacement (for all kinds of reasons) while the other keys are still in fairly good shape.

I need at least 10 (ten) Model M space bars. If we can work something out, I would be willing to buy more and other kinds of spares, too.

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ALPS キーボード

12 Jul 2018, 15:13



21 Jul 2018, 16:35

hm, almost two weeks an only one response so far, darn. Did I state my enquiry unintelligbly or is it simply the fact that nobody wants to proxy for me?

I will 'reward' anyone willing to proxy Unicomp parts from the US, I'm not necessarily looking for a 'free ride' fellas. Perhaps some of you guys are looking for a specific piece of hardware from good ol' Europe or something like that, or help with a project or whatnot? You help me out I'll help you out, how about that?

If anyone would like to suggest anything other than a proxy or has replacement Model M space bars to offer I'd appreciate it.

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21 Jul 2018, 16:48

Did you try emailing unicomp to see if they can reduce shipping charges for small items? They did it for me before


21 Jul 2018, 18:30

wobbled wrote: Did you try emailing unicomp to see if they can reduce shipping charges for small items? They did it for me before
thanks for the suggestion, I'll definitely look into that. Do you still remember what you ordered and what they charged you for it? Can you quote some figures, just for future reference?


15 Dec 2018, 20:34

I almost forgot about it, so here's my letter of recommendation: blaise170 was so kind as to proxy space bars for me and it all went great. Blaise is a good dude. I was worried at first that the space bars had become scratched because he had just shipped them without any cushioning in the original plastic bag. However, my worrying was unjustified, I haven't happened across a single scratched space bar yet, they had just caught a little dust or something, nothing a good wipe with a clean paper towel wouldn't remove. Everything A OK as far as I'm concerned (and I'm a prissy dude actually).

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