WASD keycaps!


17 Aug 2011, 18:21

Got my first order of WASD keycaps yesterday, and put them on my cheap & cheerful (it really is!) PLU ML-87 with browns. I opted for a more classic look of white against light gray with RGB modifiers. I chose white as the main color even though I was ripping on ripster (#"¤%!) for gunk that could get stuck in the lasered grooves of his engraved White Ninja.

WASD's excellent customer service has been mentioned time and time again, but it is really, really, truly excellent. It's a pleasure to deal with them. The keycaps are real nice as well, pretty much of a perfect thickness and they feel great, I actually find them to be nicer than Cherry corps thin PBT. The caps are about as thick as the PLU ones that were on the board before, but they are a LOT more rigid. The PLU caps can be squeezed/warped with ease, whereas the WASD caps require lots more force.

The engraving is subtle, and can be felt on the keys (the feel will probably decline with usage), but this is to be expected on lasered caps. It looks real nice and it's awesome to finally have a board that reflects what my key configuration actually does. :)
wasd-closeup1.jpg (126.28 KiB) Viewed 1687 times
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17 Aug 2011, 19:10

Pretty little board you got there. I like the softness and warmth of the coloring on these caps, the etched lettering unfortunately doesn't look so well imho, a bit too sharp on the edges(atleast that's how it looks on most closeups).

Btw. did you order the whole layout incl. the numberpad or do they also just ship tenkeyless versions?


17 Aug 2011, 19:26

I'm sure the sharpness round the edges will fade after use. Most lasered keys I've used have looked fairly similar until they've been broken in a bit.

I ordered the full set for $49.99, but used the number pad area to get samples of the different colors and the additional orange-colored WASD-cluster.

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17 Aug 2011, 21:24

Nice. I'd like to have a look at the back, too!


17 Aug 2011, 21:32

Here you go :)

From left to right, Cherry doubleshot, Cherry thin PBT, SP doubleshot, WASD, PLU

Even though they look kind of thin, they feel real rigid and solid. Haven't tried them on blacks, but I think they'd be nice there as well.
wasd-back.jpg (71.09 KiB) Viewed 1628 times


17 Aug 2011, 21:46

WASD is identical to Filco.

Not sure why all the whining about Filco keys being thin when it looks to me like it's pretty average - even Cherry Corp PBT is thinner than I expected.

That PLU DOES look thinner as are KBC PBTs and Signature Doubleshots and most ALPS Doubleshots.

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17 Aug 2011, 21:50

That was good. Thanks.

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Gasbag Guru

19 Aug 2011, 06:52

Their laser etching looks to be pretty rough. Does it actually feel rough is that just an optical illusion from the macro pictures?


20 Aug 2011, 02:10

It's a bit rough. I'm sure it'll smoothen out though. I can post some pics in the coming weeks or so, when I've broken them in a bit.

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The Tiproman

20 Aug 2011, 06:10

intealls wrote:Image
Would you allow me to copy your picture into my imageshack account and make own (only private) use of it?


20 Aug 2011, 12:37

kbdfr wrote:Would you allow me to copy your picture into my imageshack account and make own (only private) use of it?
Do whatever you want with it :)

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The Tiproman

20 Aug 2011, 13:51

intealls wrote:Do whatever you want with it :)
Thx :)

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