NMB RT8255cw Erase-Eaze - My First Space Invaders


16 Nov 2018, 03:58

Hello all! My first post on Deskthority, and I wanted to open it up with pictures of my *new to me* NMB RT8255cw Erase-Eaze black clicky space invader board! I have to say, I am absolutely in love with how the board feels. It's extremely dirty (23 years of grime sitting on this plate!) but the switches feel amazing, with no binding, and only barely-noticeable scratching/friction on off-center pushes. After looking a the contacts, it looks like they are almost new! The internals of the switches are mind-boggling clean compared to the the rest of the board, and the shell has very little yellowing than a lot of others I've seen, and the stickers look brand new, so needless to say, I am super impressed with the quality of the board for what I paid, especially after a little disassembly and TLC.
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I need more of these boards, after this one, I am hooked! I will be searching for all others I can find, tactile, clicky, linear. I'd love to eventually have a collection of basically all the various ones they produced. Pictures aren't the best, the board is dirty and nothing too special to look at, but I'm impressed and tickled pink by it. The split space bar that can be programmed to swap the backspace/space locations, or turned completely into a space is nice too, and I've already gotten 90% used to the left handed backspace because of how small the top right 1u backspace key is... but that BAE still throws me off haha.

To wrap this up, I love this board! One of my favorite switches so far in my short time in this hobby, and can not wait to get more! Thanks for taking a look, and I will update this with the pictures of it cleaned up. Included is a gross pictures of the underside of the left backspace, hidden in spoiler tags for your safety.

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16 Nov 2018, 04:29

Is this the one that was on ebay recently? If so I almost bought it but forgot to get back on in time lol. I have the RT8255C+ (just a normal spacebar and winkeyless variant) and have been typing with it for the past couple months and love it.

I got used to the 1U backspace much faster than I expected honestly, I have never used a board with one and have never wanted to build a board with one, so it was a surprise that it didn't bother me. And the BAE is still odd, but having 2 omnikeys I got used to the epic size of it lol.


16 Nov 2018, 04:34

I'm not sure, honestly. I bought this off of a reddit user, so he may have posted it? I believe he has a second one thats dirtier/yellowed, which (despite what a lot of people think and hate) I would want to dye and paint to make it black with black mods and white alphas with a black case, just because theres only so much one can do. But I would love to also grab a regular space bar, as well as a win keyless. For an open switch design, I am surprised that they do not have more issues with dirt and dust.

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16 Nov 2018, 18:37

This is one of my favorite boards of all time and is what I'm currently using as a daily driver. Overall these seem to fair pretty well despite being dirty although I did previously get a really dirty one where the switches did feel like crap.

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18 Nov 2018, 04:19

I love this board with a bit of TLC this board will shine. I love Erase Eaze super helpful when writing long reports.

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